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Born in Luzerne county, Ron was a 5 sport athlete up until 8th grade. Due to his small stature, he chose wrestling and golf to be his main focus. Excelling at both, he had multiple offers from major universities to compete in college in both sports. Due to PIAA concussion protocols, he had to sit out his senior year of wrestling, which led him to choose golf. During the year off, however, Ron found competitive bodybuilding and is still the youngest person ever to place top 5 in the junior division (18-23) in the NABBA (5th in mr. Natural Susquehanna valley 2004).

Ron chose Millersville University and was a two year starter, as well as being a key part of the 2004-2005 PSAC champion team. After college Ron attended Wilkes University to pursue his MBA in marketing. While completing his MBA, he found his way back to competitive athletics through powerlifting. Posting a best 3 lift raw weight of 1505 lbs (425 bench, 585 squat, and 495 pull at 212lbs).

After recovering from a torn quadricep that pulled him from the keystone state games and completing his MBA, he dove back into combat sports. Being trained under friend and former UFC top 15 contender Jimmy “The Kid” Hettes. Unfortunately two brutal back surgeries and a year and a half of rehab derailed any chance he had at being able to compete at a high level.

However, during the rehab process is when Ron found out about and fell in love with functional training. Being able to improve mobility, flexibility, and functional strength while staying relatively injury free was the sole reason he was still able to continue to stay on the mat.

After taking some time off from martial arts to pursue other professional options, Ron moved to Pittsburgh in 2017, and subsequently started training again. Here he found coaching much much more satisfying than competing. So, Ron started to coach judo, wrestling, and kids jiu jitsu at Stout MMA, the second largest MMA gym in the state.

After some issues with past concussions arose, and the risk of more head injuries, he had to stop coaching. However, being a lifetime high level athlete, he needed a way to “stay in the game” so to speak. So, with all of his past experience in strength training, and coaching and training with world class athletes, he decided to get into personal training. He became an NSCA - CPT in 2021 and is currently studying to become a NASM - CNC.

He loves working with people at every level of athletic performance and wants to bring his experience and passion of training and working with athletes at some of the highest levels to every one of his clients.